Core app dashboard: What is it?

A dashboard is a user interface that offers a central location to view, track, and interact with all of an application’s features. A dashboard that has been specially created for use with a core app is known as a core app dashboard.

An application that is created on top of a core platform, such as a social networking site or mobile operating system, is referred to as a core app. Users can view and interact with all of a core app’s features and operations at once via the core app dashboard.

Typical components of a main app dashboard include a news feed, a list of friends, a messaging tool, and a settings panel. Other elements that it might have are a search bar, a news ticker, and a weather forecast.

Core App Dashboard

You will first need to register for a new Google Developers Console account before you can set up a core app dashboard. After creating an account, you can start a new project.

It’s API must be enabled once you have launched a new project. To achieve this, pick the APIs tab from the Developer Console’s APIs & Auth section. Click the Enable API button after locating the Core App Dashboard API in the list.

You can then construct a new one after the API has been enabled. To achieve this, open the Developer Console and navigate to the Dashboards area. Then, click the Create Dashboard button.

Give your dashboard a name, then choose the project you wish to tie it to. By selecting the Add App button, you can then add apps to your dashboard.

To add more details about your apps, you may also add widgets to your dashboard. To achieve this, navigate to the Developer Console’s Widgets section and select the Add Widget button.

Choose the widget type you wish to add and fill out the necessary fields. You can save your dashboard once you’ve included all of the widgets you want.

The Features of Core App Dashboard

You can manage and keep an eye on all of your core applications from a centralized area known as a core app dashboard. This has a lot of potential advantages, including the following:

Improved effectiveness

With the help of a core app dashboard, you can manage all of your core applications much more quickly and easily. This can help you save a ton of time and work more efficiently overall.

Greater visibility

Your essential applications are clearly outlined, making it simpler to see any potential problems. This can aid in problem-solving and assist you avert any potential downtime.

Improved security

By offering a central area to manage security settings, It can aid in enhancing the security of your applications. By doing this, you may lower the possibility of vulnerabilities and increase the security of your applications.

Lower prices

By offering a centralized area for controlling and monitoring your applications, It can assist in lowering the costs related to administering them. Your prices for hardware, software, and support may decrease as a result.

How to use a dashboard for a core app?

You can manage your app and its data using a web-based interface called a core app dashboard. It serves as the main location for managing your app’s users, settings, and other features as well as viewing and editing the data included therein.

The benefits of employing a dashboard for a core app.

It has several benefits. Several of these benefits include:

Your main apps are all accessible in one location: You can access all of your essential apps from a single spot thanks to this app. You won’t have to look for each app separately, which can save you time and hassle.

Better organization: Because all of your apps are shown in one location, It can help you arrange them more effectively. Finding the app you require and keeping track of your apps may be made simpler as a result.

You can adapt the dashboard to your unique needs because many key app dashboards are customizable. This might entail adding or uninstalling apps, altering the design, and other things.

Enhanced productivity: Having a core app dashboard will enable you to access the apps you require quickly and conveniently. You can accomplish more and save time by doing this.

Better control: Since you can manage all of your apps from a single location, It can give you better control over your apps. This may entail handling updates, configuring permissions, and other things.



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