Goibibo: Company Overview

Goibibo’s online booking platform allows users to search for and reserve domestic. In addition for international flights, hotels, holiday packages for domestic and international travel, and buses. It offers a mobile application with the same set of features for booking trips as the web site. Provides a travel guide for Indian destinations as well as a selection of flying and vacation options.

Morgan Stanley ranked it first in terms of hotel booking volume in January 2016. There were 1.6 million hotel stays from October to December 2015, a 400% increase year on year.

Goibibo is part of the ibibo group, an online marketplace and E-commerce company. It includes travel, payments, marketplaces, and vehicle classifieds platforms. The ibibo group is owned by Naspers, a South African media conglomerate that has invested. Ibibo Group purchased Redbus.In, an online bus booking company, in 2013. In June 2016, GoContacts, a smartphone software, established a social network for travelers.


Goibibo is a well-known online travel agency . It provides a seamless and dependable customer experience in terms of the fastest search and flawless booking experience. Goibibo soon surpassed the competition as the best alternative for young, digital Indians.

Ibibo Group is the parent business of Goibibo, which is well-known to have Naspers’ sponsorship. Goibibo’s USP is great packages at low costs.

Goibibo Business

Goibibo is India’s leading online travel agent, providing customers with a wide range of housing and transportation options.The most dependable client experience, whether in terms of the fastest search and booking, payments, settlement, or refund processes, is what distinguishes them in terms of core values.

GoStays customers enjoy a standardized stay experience at certified hotel properties. Because of its industry-first virtual travel booking currency GoCash and travel social network GoCash+ Rewards, GoIbibo is the top alternative for new India on the go.

The Startup Story of Goibibo

The founders of Goibibo were inspired by observing the problems that plagued the internet travel industry. They began the airline business in this manner, and then moved into the search and social media sectors. When we were booking flights, we noticed a problem.

While the entire country was debating fintech and e-commerce in 2007, these outstanding entrepreneurs were seeking to focus on more particular consumer concerns in all of these sectors in order to build an effective and perfect product/solution.

In 2009, it rebranded as a travel and e-commerce company. According to reports, Goibibo grew by up to 200 percent in its first year of existence. In 2011, the platform grew by around 180%, and Goibibo was the first OTA to bring speedy refunds to the market and the country. Goibibo has only recently begun its expansion when its staff grew to 25 persons in 2012.

In addition, the company successfully expanded its product offering this year to incorporate new features like as online rescheduling and international flights. It launched the bus ticketing service in 2012, which was already building up to be a fantastic year in its history, to assist its users commute in various modes.

Goibibo did not pause to celebrate their subsequent victories. It continued to add new and better features to its varied product assortment. It then introduced hotel reservations, which now account for a sizable amount of Goibibo’s overall revenue based on the company’s existing business strategy.

Mission and Vision

The fundamental beliefs of Goibibo serve as our compass in reaching their goal of making travel joyful and simple for everyone. These guiding principles may be seen in the projects we take on and the ways we help our clients find answers to their problems. They are examples of “OUR BEING & OUR DOING.”


The operation of the internet travel sector is currently being disturbed on multiple levels. This trend is expected to continue in the future years. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain are recent breakthroughs that hold great potential for speeding online travel booking procedures and improving the client experience.

Today, the development of data engineering and artificial intelligence is a crucial development that will influence the future of travel. Today’s travel and hospitality businesses add actual value by applying artificial intelligence into online search and booking. In order to develop capabilities for data-driven personalisation, the sector is shifting toward an AI-first strategy and emphasizing “relevance.”

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