How Does myhumboldt Function?

MyHumboldt is an online portal and mobile app created specifically for Humboldt State University’s students, faculty, and staff. It’s a hub where you may go to get to your most used apps, data, and services. myHumboldt’s goal is to improve the HSU community’s experience by providing a user-friendly, all-encompassing platform. In this piece, we’ll introduce you to myHumboldt, detail how it functions, highlight its most useful features, and answer some of the most often asked questions.

MyHumboldt: An Overview

Humboldt State University in California released myHumboldt in 2015. It was developed as part of an effort to increase student access to technology and library materials. The plan was to merge many databases into a single user-friendly interface.

Access myHumboldt from any computer with an internet connection at An app for both Apple and Google mobile platforms is also offered. The website serves as a hub for students to access their own information, including course schedules, grades, and financial assistance details.

What’s the deal with myHumboldt?

In order to access myHumboldt, all you need is your HSU login credentials. This authentication works in tandem with campus infrastructure to get specific user data and unlock access to the required software.

After logging in, the primary dashboard will show you different modules labelled “channels.” Users can rearrange the channels or even completely hide them if they don’t want to see them.

Student Centre, Canvas, and HSU’s email are just a few of the services that feed data into the platform. Instead of storing private data, it provides a safe passageway for it to pass through. MyHumboldt acts as a gateway to the canonical servers where users’ information resides.

Advantages and Key Functions

myHumboldt consolidates the following crucial HSU services for its users:

You only need to sign in with your HSU credentials once to access all of the linked systems safely and securely.

  • Timetable of classes, viewable by semester. Schedule is current.
  • Access your student account, register for classes, monitor your grades and holds, and more in the student centre.
  • In order to access course materials, assignments, and grades, you can use the provided links in the Canvas LMS.
  • Access your HSU Gmail account right from your myHumboldt dashboard.

Signals from the HSU: Check for safety alerts on campus.

  • View award information, manage your account, and accept or deny loans by logging into your financial aid account.
  • Audit your degree to see how close you are to graduating.
  • Browse available HSU clubs and activities and sign up today.

Access up-to-the-minute data about the campus shuttle system here.

These enhancements make it easier for students, teachers, and staff to get the resources they need. The pluses include:

  • Having everything in one place at HSU
  • With single sign-on, users no longer have to create separate accounts.
  • Adaptable interface for showing only the data you care about
  • Instantaneous updates to the course calendar, gradebook, etc.
  • Mobile-friendly and accessible 24/7/365 via the web


The myHumboldt portal is a user-friendly and powerful resource for all Humboldt State University community members. Access to the Student Centre, Canvas, email, and more can all be accessed with a single sign-on. The web and mobile versions of the platform can be modified to suit individual needs. By bringing together all of HSU’s digital resources in one place, my Humboldt hopes to improve the student experience.

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